TVA Announcement

110 Announcement

Hon’ble Chief Minister has announced under Rule 110 in the Legislative Assembly on 11.08.2014 that a comprehensive and collaborative repository containing details of all the achievements of the Tamils and Tamil language and literature viz., “TamilarTagavalaatruppadai” shall be created at an estimated cost of rupees one crore. Under this scheme, various Archaeological & Historical sites, Monuments, Excavations, Inscriptions, Religious places, Sculptures, Coins, Copper Plates and painting were captured as photograph and these images were uploaded in the web portal with necessary metadata in standard format. This website was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on 11.10.2017.



Diploma in Tamil Computing (2018- 2019)

Tamil Virtual Academy will offer Diploma Course in Tamil Computing through online. This will benefit Students, Researchers and Tamil Software Developers to enhance the Tamil computing skills. This course syllabus will be framed at a cost of Rs.20 lakh.