Activities of Tamil Virtual Academy

Activities of Tamil Virtual Academy

  • Academic Programmes

  • Digital Library

  • Tamil Computing

Academic Programmes


Tamil Virtual Academy (TVA) is offering Academic Programmes viz., Primary Education, Certificate, Higher Certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma and Degree (B.A. Tamilology) courses in various countries across the globe through online (


Digital Library


Tamil Virtual Academy creates digital library with digital resources of rare printed books, periodicals, palm-leaf manuscripts, rare paper manuscripts, photographs, audio-visual materials of Tamil Language, Literature and Culture ( and also develops Tagavalaatruppadai website with digital documentation of Archaeological & Historical sites, Monuments, Excavations, Inscriptions, Religious Places, Sculptures, Coins, Copper Plates and Paintings of Tamil Nadu (


Tamil Computing


Tamil Virtual Academy is compiling a database and related Tamil software tools to promote Tamil Computing research through research & development and kanitamil peravai.


  • Research and Development

Tamil Virtual Academy has undertaken a long term Research and Development Programme on Tamil Language Technology and Natural Language Processing (NLP). It aims to create software tools like Spell Checker, Optical Character Recognizer (OCR), Unicode Converter, Text Recognizer, Text Summarization, Speech Recognizer, Speech Synthesizer and Automatic Translator.


  • Kanitamil Peravai

Tamil Virtual Academy is creating awareness on the necessity of Tamil Computing by starting “kanitamil peravai” in 100 colleges and universities which include arts and science, engineering, agriculture and medical colleges. Till date more than 10,000 students from various Colleges / Universities have registered for Kanitamil Peravai.