e-Office is a tool of applications for conducting office procedures electronically. The e-Office would enable the Electronic File Management System for speedy disposals of files, resulting in better utilization of manpower, thereby avoiding delays, leading to better governance.
Objectives of eOffice
The objective of implementing eOffice is to eliminate the use of paper and to make most of the office communication electronic.
    • To improve efficiency, consistency, and effectiveness of Government responses.
    • To reduce turnaround time and to meet the demands of the citizen charter.
    • To provide for effective resource management to improve the quality of administration.
    • To establish transparency and accountability
    • To provide a cost-effective e-Storage facility.
    • User in Environment-friendly, eco-friendly systems.

Operationalization and configuration of e-Office Product for New Department

The following preliminary activities may be initiated by the Department: 

1. Department Request Letter: Department has to send the formal request letter with contact official details to "The Commissioner, Commissionerate of e-Governance / TNeGA, 2nd & 7th Floor, P.T.LEE Chengalvaraya Naicker Building, Anna Salai, Chennai - 600 002".  The scanned copy may be sent to the mail-IDs jceo.tnega@tn.gov.in, tneoffice@tn.gov.in, niharika.tnega@tn.gov.in, sumathi.tnega@tn.gov.in with a copy to govindan.r@nic.in, eswar@nic.in, dickson@nic.in. in advance.
2. e-Office Demo: The TN eOffice implementation Team will contact the Department and fix the demo date of eOffice application. The eOffice demo will be conducted in person or through Video Conferencing mode in coordination with NIC.

3. Bulk e-mail IDs creation: For login into an e-Office product, all users must have email IDs in the ‘tn.gov.in’ domain. The template form for creating a single/bulk email-id for the employee can be downloadable from the it.tn.gov.in website. Note that the officers who are already having an email-id in ‘nic.in’ or ‘gov.in’ or ‘tn.gov.in’ domain need not create an e-mail-ID again. The existing email-id can be mapped with eOffice application.-

4. Data Collection & Master Data Preparation: NIC has already designed templates to collect data that is required to prepare the master tables for each department. 

(a). Employee Master-Details (EMD Template)
      The employee details of each department along with hierarchy who will work on the e-Office system.

(b). Department File Heads (File Heads Template)
    The file number will be created based on the subject dealt with in the department. The department has to fill the Basic, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Heads as given in the File Heads Template.

(c). Organizational Structure
     For mapping of users in the E-Office application, the Department has to provide the Organisational chart of their department to TNeGA.

5. Submission of Employee Master-Details (EMD), File Heads and Organisational Structure - The department is kindly requested to download the Template for filling the EMD & File heads and submit the same to the TN eOffice implementation Team email-ids tneoffice@tn.gov.in, niharika.tnega@tn.gov.in, sumathi.tnega@tn.gov.in, with a copy to govindan.r@nic.in, eswar@nic.in, and dickson@nic.in  for taking the eOffice implementation forward. 

6. Configuring the employee in e-Office: TN eOffice implementation team will do the needful to create email-id of all the employees of the Department, mapping of Users in LDAP and configuring the same in eOffice application.

7. Procurement of Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) or e-Sign - Apart from the user credentials viz., user id and password, Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)/e-Sign facility feature is also available which can be used for approving of notes and drafts in electronic files. The User departments can directly approach TNGA for getting Digital Signature/eSign facilities.

8. Identification of Department Nodal Officer: Department has to identify the Department Nodal Officer to manage the EMD module operation of eOffice application. 

9. eOffice Training to the Department: For the smooth, successful and sustainable implementation of eOffice application, TNeGA will organize training programs for the following categories in each department.
    • Master Trainers
    • EMD Trainers
    • Users in eOffice Workflow
The user Department must provide necessary infrastructure/training facilities and fix the date & time in consultation with TNeGA. The master trainers of the user department will further handhold the regular training programs for the department users.

10. Go-Live date of e-Office: Department has to inform the Go-Live date of eOffice application to TNeGA. Finally, the Department can use the eOffice application in the live environment. 

User Creation Form:

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