Tamil Nadu Geographical Information System – TNGIS


  • Many departments in the State have been extensively working on GIS and Remote Sensing Technology platform and prepare huge volumes of datasets of various scales for the State.
  • Due to lack of coordination there is no standardization of the data resuting in duplication of activity taking place.
  • Sharing of maps among the departments was not in practice.
  • To overcome the above situation and to have an unanimous entity to monitor and streamline the spatial data it was proposed to develop State Spatial Data Infrastructure (SSDI) in the state through TNGIS by the State Level Coordination Committee (SLCC) functioning under the Chairmanship of the Chief Secretary, Tamil Nadu.


Development and implementation of Standardised District and State Level GIS applications for planning and monitoring processes in all the districts of Tamil Nadu using natural resources, socio-economic, demographic and agro-economic data from different sources

  • Generating standards for spatial data
  • Enable sharing and access of spatial datasets through appropriate Government Orders.
  • To avoid duplication of efforts and wastage of resources in acquiring spatial datasets from GoI agencies.
  • Creating a Spatial repository and enable access on vital datasets through Geo-Spatial Web Services with application.


  • OGC Standards based Services.
  • Datum – World Geodict System 84 (WSG 84)
  • Projection – Transverse Mercator (TM)
  • Common Coding for Spatial features, administrative units, etc. to enable smooth integration.


  • State Level Coordination Committee (SLCC) is already functional under the Chief Secretary
  • In G.O Ms. No 2 of IT Department dated 24/01/2014, orders were issued declaring the TNeGA as the Nodal Agency for implementing the TNGIS apart from forming Core / Technical Team of Resource Departments to support and to deal with technical issues.
  • NIC to be assigned the role of Implementing Agency
  • Formation of Technical Committee
  • Drawing and ensuring that standards are complied with by all Departments
  • Identifying and recommending authentication on various layers – for public or Departmental access only.
  • Common Coding system to be followed in various sectoral Datasets (Spatial / Non-spatial)
  • Time-to-time assessments on the needs (resources / data / others) and providing solutions to acquire the same.

Role of Stakeholder Departments

  • Generating and sharing of Spatial and Non-spatial datasets as per the standards and guidelines suggested by TNGIS technical team and Map policy.
  • Nominating / Deputing nodal officers in each department identified to ensure regular updation of data (Spatial and Non-Spatial)
  • Ensuring the web based data services and regular updation.

Role of TNeGA-Nodal Agency

  • Overall Coordination among all the Stakeholder Departments in the State Ensure necessary infrastructure and logistics support to the TNGIS development Team & Stakeholders, Capacity Building among Departments to ensure progress and sustenance of the whole initiative.
  • Building necessary infrastructure at TNSDC, Custodian of Spatial Layers and undertaking security audit of Web based GIS application and updation.

Implementing Agency (NIC)

  • Design and Development of the Web Based System.
  • Provide all technical support to the user Departments in generating spatial data as per standards.
  • Imparting / handholding staff of the state stakeholders and preparing user manual.
  • Develop a Web based GIS system (primarily to cater G2G and partially G2C services at a later stage) providing Geo Spatial services to resource departments
  • Leveraging the use of using Service Oriented Architecture so that all Systems interact through Web Services
  • Enabling a Decision Support System for resources departments and District Administrations.

List of Stake Holders

  • The Commissionerate of Survey and Settlement, Chepauk
  • The Directorate of Rural Development, Saidapet
  • Institute of Remote Sensing, Anna University, Chennai
  • Tamil Nadu Water supply and Sewerage Board, Chepauk
  • Agricultural Engineering Department, Chennai
  • Institute of Water Studies, Chennai
  • Forest Department, Saidapet
  • Highways Department, Chennai
  • Chennai Corporation, Chennai
  • Commissionerate of Municipal Administration, Chepauk
  • Directorate of Town and Country Planning
  • Directorate of Town Panchayat
  • Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board, Chennai
  • Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority, Chennai
  • Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board
  • Directorate of Census, Chennai
  • National Institute of Ocean Technology, Chennai
  • Tamil Nadu Urban Infrastructure Financial Services Limited, Chennai
  • Directorate of School Education, Chennai
  • Tamil Nadu Electricity Borad,Chennai
  • Tamil Nadu WaterShed Development Agency


1. 348 spatial layers hosted in tngis url ( www.tngis.tn.gov.in )

2. The url is accessed by 473 departmental stakeholders followed by 3061 public users and has hits of 69386 as on 28.03.2018.

3. TNGIS url is used / accessed on daily activities by Sarva Sikshaya Abhiyan and TNHSP-108 services

4. Web services have been issued to National Institute of Epidemiology (NIE) and Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd., (ONGC).

On Going Project

  • Mapping of Pregnant Woman / Mothers visiting to SNCU and CeMONC of the state – funded by NHM-UNICEF.
  • Mapping the service Area of Health Institutions in the State.
  1. Common Application Software

The following websites are developed by TNeGA and it is used by Government Departments. If any department requires to use any of the appliation you may contact TNeGA.

Please click on the desired links to get the information.

  1. e-Directory (Online Demonstrative Services Directory)
  2. e-Learning
  3. e-scheme Monitoring
  4. Digi Archives
  5. e-Repository
  6. Asset Management System