Tamil Nadu FibreNet Corporation Limited (TANFINET)


     BharatNet is an ambitious program conceived by Government of India to provide broadband connectivity to all Village Panchayats in the country. Under this Scheme about 1,50,000 Village Panchayats across country are to be provided broadband connectivity by March 2017 in phase I of the project. The remaining 1,00,000 Village Panchayats are planned to be covered under Phase II. All the 12,524 Village Panchayats in TN are to be connected under phase II of this Scheme.

     Hon'ble Chief Minister announced in State Legislative Assembly under Rule 110 that "BharatNet" scheme will be implemented in Tamil Nadu through State led model and a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) namely Tamil Nadu FibreNet Corporation (TANFINET) will be incorporated for the same. The GoTN has issued a Government Order for the formation of SPV viz., Tamil Nadu Fibrenet Corporation (TANFINET) with a Share Capital of Rs.50 lakhs to execute the BharatNet Project under which 12,524 Village Panchayats are planned to be covered for internal connectivity through Optical Fibre Cable.

     Tamil Nadu Arasu Cable TV Corporation was handling the BharatNet scheme which is now handled by newly incorporated TANFINET Corporation. The tender for the selection of System Integrator for the implementation of BharatNet will be floated by TANFINET Corporation shortly.


     The Hon'ble Chief Minister has announced on the floor of the State Legislative Assembly under Rule 110 on 14.7.2017, that "It has been proposed to connect all the Corporations, Municipalities and Town Panchayats through Optic fiber enabling the urban citizens to reap the benefits of Digital Revolution and avail the services of Government Departments at their doorsteps. This scheme will be called as TamilNet. TamilNet will be implemented in Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode with funding assistance from State Undertakings like ELCOT and TACTV".

     A Detailed Project Report will be prepared by TANFINET Corporation for TamilNet scheme and to establish an Integrated Digital Infrastructure of the state by integrating TamilNet and BharatNet schemes. TamilNet and the Integrated Digital Infrastructure will be established alongside BharatNet.