Amma Wi-Fi Zone

The Hon'ble Chief Minister announced on 23.09.2016 that free public WiFi services would be created through 50 Wi-Fi Zones. G.O., dated 16.08.2017. (D) The government in the field of Information Technology (P4) No.22 has issued a sum of Rs.850 crore for setting up free Wi-Fi zones. TACTV has launched this project on a pilot basis in five locations, namely Chennai-Ujaibalaar Chilai, Marina Beach, Madurai-MGRB Stand, Salem-Central Bus Stand, Trichy-Central Bus Stand and Coimbatore-Gandhi Bus Stand and Launched by Hon. Chief Minister on 05.04.2018.

  • Wi-Fi Services are provided to the public Free of cost for 20 minutes per user per day, beyond which they can continue as premium users by paying sum of Rs.10/- per hour / Rs.20/- for two hours.

  • This help the public to use Internet Service during their travel.