Purpose of TNSDC:

       TNSDC act as a key-supporting element of e-Governance initiatives and businesses for delivering services to the citizens with greater reliability, availability, dependability and serviceability. TNSDC provides better operations and management control and aim to minimize overall cost of Data Management, IT Management, Deployment, Power requirement and other costs.

       TNSDC enables the State Government Departments to host their applications, services and servers on a common, redundant, secured and controlled infrastructure aiming at ease of integration and efficient management.

    Tamil Nadu State Data Centre (TNSDC) facilitates consolidated hosting of departmental applications to provide efficient delivery of e‑Governance services of the State. These services are extended to Government agencies, Citizens and Business through intranet connectivity by Tamil Nadu State Wide Area Network (TNSWAN) also through internet.

  1. Tamil Nadu State Data Centre – 1

    Tamil Nadu State Data Centre – 1 is a shared scheme established under National e-Governance Action Plan (NeGAP). TNSDC commenced its operations on 01.08.2011. TNSDC is the first ISO certified State Data Centre in the country (First Certification on 21.02.2012).

        The ‘Term 1’ operation of TNSDC was successfully completed on 31.07.2016. On completion of the Interim period operations (01.08.2016 to 31.10.2017), the ‘Term 2’ operations commenced on 01.11.2017.

     Tamil Nadu Government Departments have hosted their applications at TNSDC on Co-location/ Co-hosting/ Cloud hosting model.

Beneficiary of the Project:

       The Tamil Nadu State Data Centre (TNSDC) facilitates the State to provide efficient electronic delivery by its Departments

         - Government to Government (G2G)

         - Government to Citizen (G2C)

         - Government to Business (G2B) services

Most of the Government Departments hosted their Application in TNSDC.


TNSDC Entrance view

Server Rocks

Server Racks

Department Server

Department Servers

Electrical Panel

Electrical Panels in the Server Farm

Electrical Room

Electrical Room

Security Architecture of TNSDC:

         High level of Security Architecture Framework has been implemented at TNSDC to ensure that all the government applications and data are well protected.

Salient Features of TNSDC:

  • TNSDC architecture design conforms to Tier – II standard  and has been established at Chennai.
  • State owned full-fledged Disaster Recovery facility through Disaster
  • Recovery Centre at Thiruchirapalli. This facility can also be utilised for co-location Data Centre services.
  • Multi-tier security implementation with Firewall and Intrusion Prevention System.
  • TNSDC is secured with SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) tools, Vulnerability Assessment (VA) and Penetration Testing (PT) Tools.
  • Enhanced Security features  like Web Application Firewall (WAF), Distributed Denial  of Services (DDoS)
  1. Tamil Nadu State Data Centre – 2

      TNSDC-2 will accommodate around 50 racks initially and expandable up to 195 racks capacity on scalable manner.