Software Development

ELCOT provides end-to-end IT solution support to government departments to improve their services to citizens, to provide transparency and to effect significant reductions in processing time. ELCOT has been providing active support to the government departments for their software needs by studying the department’s requirements, preparation of RFP documents, identifying suitable agencies through tender process and entrusting the work to the selected agencies for meeting their requirements. ELCOT coordinates with departments and the selected developer in finalizing the System Requirement Study (SRS), user acceptance testing and successful implementation of the software. ELCOT also offers Facility Management Services (FMS).

ELCOT’s software development team known as e-Governance department works with various Tamil Nadu state departments to fulfill their software needs. Some of the prominent projects executed are listed below:

1. Electrical Inspectorate

Online Lift License Management System and Generator Tax System have been implemented.

2. Employment & Training

Project Empower, Online registration for Job seeking candidates has been implemented and also the services are made available at school premises during the peak period i.e., while issuing mark list for 10 plus 2 and 10th standard.

3. Archaeology Department

  1. Virtual Tour has been completed and up gradation of website in Tamil language is under progress.
  2. Design and development of library software has been completed.
  3. Data entry work (Bibliographical) is under progress.

4. Govt. Museum

  1. In Phase – I, scanning and digitization of books have been completed and eBook portal has been created and the scanned books have been uploaded.
  2. In Phase – II, Scanning and Digitization of Books, Accession Registers, file documents and herbarium sheets are under progress.
  3. Annual maintenance contract for Security Management Control System is in progress.
  4. Supply and installation of ticketing machines and security gadgets in Govt. Museum, Chennai has been completed.

5. Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation (TNSDC)

Design, development and implementation of web portal & state skill registry has been completed. Students can register online and avail training from 250+ registered training providers. Private employers can find the required skilled resources as well through this portal.

6. Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health (DISH)

Development and Implementation of on line portal for safety promotion has been completed. Through this, issue of license to the industries is carried out.

7. TNeGA

Design and development of “Common Application Software” (e-learning, online demonstrative services and scheme monitoring applications) have been completed.

8. Electrical Licensing Board

Design and development of “Electrical Licence Management System” has been completed.

9. Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP)

Design and development of electronic solution for “Automated building plan scrutiny and approval system” have been completed. It verifies all the parameters available in DCR (Development Control Regulation) of DTCP, municipal rules and Panchayat rules. This system is live from September 2016.

10. Tamil Nadu State Department Websites:

The e-Governance division in ELCOT facilitates various departments for creation of their websites. Some of them are listed below:

S.No Departments Work Facilitated
1 Conservation of Authority of Pallikaranai Marshland Creation of new web site has been completed
2 Tamil Nadu Forest Department Redesigning of the website with additional features and Content Management System has been completed
3 Tamil Nadu Horticulture Development Agency Creation of web portal in both English and Tamil language has been completed
4 Finance (BC) Department Design and development of website has been completed.
5 Tamil Nadu Bio-Diversity Board Development of website is in progress.
6 Adi Dravidar Welfare Board Creation of interactive website with Content Management Solution is in progress.